The first day is to discover two things.

  1. What is specifically wrong,
  2. Can chiropractic help with your condition?

After filling out some forms, we meet for a consultation:

This is a time to go over your health history and dive deeper into your specific condition. This is a great time to talk about any questions or concerns about care.  We will then explain our technique and what we are looking for.

Then we will perform a chiropractic examination:

This will help in dedetermining if chiropractic can help you with your condition and over all health. This will also help us determine if x-ray analysis is necessary.

A more detailed exam follows:

We will be checking for posture, range of motion, and a few more exams.

Finally we will take Digital X-rays of the spine:

The x-ray analysis helps us to specifically see in more detail and to the cause of the symptomatic problem.  We then with precise studies we then tailor and adjustment to your body, which make for the adjustment to be gentle, last longer, and get better results with the bodies ability to heal.

Blair Chiropractor in California

Second Visit

Blair Chiropractor in California

The Report of findings:

This is the day we will go over everything we found on the first day. If you had any questions, they should be all answered on this day. The four main questions that we will cover is

Why you are experiencing your symptoms?
How chiroparctic can help?
How long it will take to heal?
How much it will cost?

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