” Fat and sugar are the main ingredients for our stress hormones, so when we are under stress we actually require more fats and sugars, Sound familiar, do you have such cravings when you are stressed out, do you seek ‘comfort foods’ when you are stressed?

Of course we are genetically designed o derive our fat and sugar from fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and wild game meat like our ancestors did. Industrial humans now consume processed non-fiber carbohydrates in the form of refines sugar and high fructose corn syrup and fats in the form of trans fats or hydrogenated fats in foods filled with chemical colors and preservatives. this just adds rocks to our backpack as we get ‘comfortable’ from eating these toxic, deficient foods and the cycle gets perpetuated. add in the insulin resistance from chronic high blood glucose levels and chronic high insulin levels leading to type II diabetes and you get syndrome X or burnout or chronic fatigue and increased chance of cancer and heart disease and every other chronic illness.”

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