Migraines and Children — Can Anything Be Done?

Migraines really sap your energy and leave you tired and feeling unwell for many days at a time. This is hard enough for adults to cope with but even more difficult for children who get migraines. In fact, it seems downright unfair for a child to have to deal with the pain of migraines. Unfortunately, [...]

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Your Questions about BPPV Answered

BPPV is one of the most common causes of vertigo.  Vertigo, which can be a scary and intense experience, is described as the false sensation that you yourself are spinning or that your surroundings are spinning around you.  Because BPPV is so prevalent, answering some of the most frequently asked questions about the condition can [...]

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Three Causes of Vertigo and How Proper Spinal Alignment Can Help

The medical condition vertigo causes you to feel as if you or the things in the environment around you are moving when they are actually standing still. It is known to have a rotational component of spinning or swaying. You may also experience nausea, vomiting, problems walking, or sweating. It often becomes more severe when [...]

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Why do we crave fatty, sugary ‘comfort’foods when we are under stress? (an excerpt from the ‘The Wellness and Prevention Paradigm’ by Dr. James L. Chestnut)

" Fat and sugar are the main ingredients for our stress hormones, so when we are under stress we actually require more fats and sugars, Sound familiar, do you have such cravings when you are stressed out, do you seek 'comfort foods' when you are stressed? Of course we are genetically designed o derive our [...]

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The Misery of Migraines: Natural Relief Is Available

A migraine is a neurological condition that is most known for being accompanied by an extremely painful headache. This excruciating pain can last for hours or even many days. This condition is very common, affecting 39 million of those living in the United States and 1 billion worldwide. Here are a few interesting facts about [...]

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5 Healthy New Years Resolutions That You’ll Actually KEEP

The start of a new year brings excitement, anticipation and hope that this year will be different.  According to a recently published study “Lose Weight” is again the number one New Years Resolution for 2016.But some of us have had a “get-healthy-type-resolution” on our list for so many years in a row that it has [...]

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Holiday Food Drive! Dr. WILL WORK FOR FOOD

It's About that time of year. Take advantage of what we have to offer here at the office for the price of a simple community service! read the flyer below to find out how you can have a free adjustment or even a Chiropractic Exam for a new patient (includes consultation, exam, and x-rays) [...]

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This one thing could improve labor time…

Being pregnant is a beautiful thing and so can labor and delivery. Everyone's pregnancy is unique and the more we take care of ourselves and our body the easier your body can move and function properly, so we can help the process of pregnancy and labor. Approximately 1/2 of all pregnant women complain to [...]

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Combating Childhood Ear Infections

Every winter season, there are moms who tell me about how they had to start a round of antibiotics for an ear infection their young child just acquired.  Since becoming a mother myself a few winter seasons ago, this has compounded even more being around mother’s groups, kid’s groups, daycares, preschools, etc.  I have [...]

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