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Welcome to Monarch Chiropractic

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor Novato California

This is a place where we have created an atmosphere of health and healing.  Come and enjoy the comforts that our office can provide for you and your family.

It is our passion and mission help people of our community to to improve their over all health and quality of life. Whether you suffer from headaches, back pain, or another acute or sub-acute condition that constantly takes away your health and hope, we are here to help in ways that we can.

Our approach is to find, correct and let your body heal the way it is intended to.

Blair Chiropractor in Novato, Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor Novato

We do not make any forceful adjustments in the upper neck area, so you will not experience any twisting or turning of the spine. We deliver gentle and specific correction with minimal force to allow the body to return back and its true state of health. We customize care for each individual with our adjustments and care plans. We use a few different techniques with the primary focus of Blair upper cervical care, some neuro emotional technique, use of Palmer package when need be, and lifestyle analysis.

Why Choose Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care?

What Our Patients Say

Before I started seeing Dr. Egan for my recurring lower back problems, I was having trouble sleeping and I felt an overall lack of energy. Dr. Egan helped me understand that with chiropractic my nerves which weren’t receiving adequate signals because of years of damage to my skeletal system, could actually re-heal along with the rest of my body. Dr Egan is a great practitioner who takes a lot of care and encourages her patients. I highly recommend her to anyone having issues. I’m now hooked on chiropractic and feeling this good.

- Andrew A.

I used to be a huge skeptic of chiropractic, but working on my feet and hardly being able to stand, landed me in Dr Egan’s care. My back pain has since subsided almost completely with much fewer flareups. I’m so mad at myself for living in such pain for so long. Her gentle touch gave me my life back!

- Kelli R.

Before I began seeing Dr. Monica Egan for chiropractic care, I had suffered from a variety of aches and pains for the better part of 3 years. I dealt with carpal tunnel, numbness in my hands, shoulder pain and lower back pain on a weekly basis.It has been a little over 5 months since I have been seeing Dr. Egan. My range of motion is improving. The carpal tunnel pain is gone and I the frequency of shoulder/lower back pain and numbness in my hands has greatly decreased.

- Geri M.

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